Moving abroad can be daunting, so a checklist is a great way to help simplify the process and reduce the stress. Primarily for people who are considering leaving the UK covering everything that you’ll need to do before you move and also important factors to consider in your first few months once you’ve moved.

“At a glance” checklist

The following is a very brief moving abroad checklist which provides you with the key considerations and plans you will need to establish before you move abroad:

  1. Know your visa requirements of your new country of residence
  2. Decide whether you should rent or purchase a property
  3. Make initial plans to settle in to your new country of residence, including local community activities to get to know people
  4. Get to know your tax requirements for your home country when you live abroad
  5. Make sure you meet your tax obligations of your new country of residence
  6. Decide what to do about your property in your home country
  7. Make plans for relocating pets
  8. Start to work out which objects to put in storage and which to transport abroad
  9. Choose an international moving company
  10. Sort out your insurance requirements (home, travel, life and car) and ensure that you comply with the rules of any existing policies
  11. Establish any driving requirements, including licenses and tests you may have to take
  12. Know what financial planning options you have and sort out your bank accounts
  13. Make a list of known utility bills and make plans for turning them off
  14. Sort out a mobile phone, landline and internet provider before you move
  15. Tell the authorities in your home country and your country of residence

Plan to settle in

While preparing to move abroad, one of the most important things to consider is how you’re going to settle in once you’ve moved. From setting up utilities to understanding the culture, there is a lot of preparation you can do in advance to help make the transition smoother and ensure you don’t get homesick.

When you’re moving your home overseas, there seems to be an endless list of things to think about and arrange. Here’s a helpful list to remind you:

5-6 weeks before moving:

• Check that your passports and visas are valid
• Check whether any permits are required e.g. for residency, work or vehicles
• Check your travel documents and tickets
• Collate all your personal documents e.g. birth certificates, marriage certificates and medical records
• Advise your solicitor, bank, doctor, dentist, insurance company, building society
• Cancel subscriptions to clubs and magazines
• Notify Schools
• Obtain invoices for new purchases (for customs import facilities)

3-4 weeks before:

• Dispose of the items you don’t want to take / ship
• Pass on your overseas contact address and phone number
• Ask for final accounts for gas, water and electricity
• Complete all outstanding credit agreements
• Cancel all rental agreements
• Run down stocks of food and drink

• Arrange for mail to be forwarded
• Clean garden tools, bicycles, etc
• Arrange care for children and pets on moving day
• Arrange for mains services to be disconnected
• Advise your newsagent and milkman and pay their final accounts
• Empty lockers at school and work

If you’re looking for English speaking lawyers, doctors or even just need info like contact details of the British Embassy in the country of choice. There’s great information regarding these services and help in general for UK Citizens at the government site: Here

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**Picture by Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels