Christian Expat Group

Hi, welcome to the Christian expat site for believers in south-east Europe, providing information and encouragement. As I sought out relocation information for the Balkans, I realised that one of the key areas that was really important to me, is the Christian fellowship and services in the region. As Christians we need to connect with each other, especially when living in a foreign land. Join one of the Expat Groups forums for fellowship and support, or just to share and care.

 As I come across helpful information I’ll be sure to post it here, so stay tuned! I’m not an expert, so please do verify any information, especially during this post Brexit and covid season, as times are constantly changing and information too.

 Stay safe and God bless! May the Lord give you His peace that surpasses all understanding and help you to rest in Him, knowing that He has overcome the world, and that all your tomorrows have to pass through Him before they get to you!

P.S Do you know the saving grace of Lord Jesus yet?