Churches in The Balkans with English Translation

As a Christian, maintaining fellowship with the Body of Christ is a must, as iron sharpens iron. The Lord in His kindness, mercy and wisdom provided technology for us to keep in touch via the internet and telephone during these testing times. When things ease up, it’s always lovely to meet up with other believers; even if it’s just for a cup of coffee, in order to sharpen each other spiritually.

It’s always good to pray for God’s guidance, wisdom and discernment of where He wants you to fellowship. A good start is a God fearing, Bible based church with people wanting to live the crucified life, not just hear about it. That said if one cannot be found, connecting up with a fellow Christian is a start, as the Bible states, where two are three are gathered in my name there I am amidst of them. You might find useful my post on house churches / fellowship.

In the meantime check out the Forums page in regards to reaching out to expats already settled in the community and who are a wealth of information.

Here are some links to Church services with English translation in the Balkans, whilst you familiarise yourself with the language. This information is correct at the time of print. Please check directly with the church to see if this service is still available or altered due to covid 19 restrictions:

The Balkans

World Evangelicals Alliance

World Methodist Council


IPA Tirana Internal Church


 International Baptist Church Sofia, Bulgaria


New Life, Independent Baptist Church

Novi Zivot Pentecostal Church, Zagreb

Baptist Church Zagreb, Radićeva ul. 30, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia

Emanuel Church, Varazdin

Association of Baptists Churches in Croatia



Athens International Christian Fellowship


Evangelical Church Salvation


International Church of Bucharest


International Church of Ljubljana


Božija Reč in Novi Sad


**By Lori McPherson / Photo by Janez Podnar from Pexels